Malta Programme

The Malta International Investor Programme (IIP) is aimed at ultra-high net worth individuals and families worldwide. It offers citizenship in a stable, dynamic EU Member State. H & S Solicitors offer a speedy and efficient application process, in which strict due diligence will be effected to ensure clients’ successful admission.

Why Malta?

All applicants must make a substantial contribution to the National Development and Social Fund as established by the Maltese government. H & S Solicitors will guide you through the process as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Through the Malta IIP, investors will obtain residency in Malta for an initial period of twelve months and eventually be granted citizenship, which will give them the right of establishment in all EU countries.

H & S Solicitors will explain the different conditions to be met to receive citizenship and go through the different options of investment with each client. Please find details on the minimum investment contributions below in order to be eligible for the Malta IIP:

  • Contribution to National Development and Social Fund of €650,000 for the main applicant
  • Additional contributions for spouse and minor children: €25,000 each
  • Additional contributions for dependent children 18 to 26 years or dependent parents above 55 years: €50,000 each
  • Applicants must retain a residence in Malta for at least 5 years, either by purchasing a property valued over €350,000 or by leasing a property with a minimum annual rent exceeding €16,000
  • An additional investment of €150,000 in government approved financial institutions must be made and maintained for a period of 5 years.

Administration and due diligence fees will also apply.