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Portuguese Golden Visa - EU Residency & Citizenship

The Portuguese golden visa is a program that allows foreigners to live and work and eventually apply to become Portuguese citizen after 5 years.  H & S Solicitors offer international investment visa services to all High Net Worth clients and Investors.The successful application of the Portugal Investment Visa enables travel, establishment, residency and work throughout the European Union, upon the completion of investments in Portugal. 

What is a Portuguese Investor visa?

The Portuguese golden visa is a program that allows foreigners to live and work and eventually apply to become Portuguese citizen after 5 years. The program is open to all nationals and including nationals of European Union. 

H & S Solicitors will guide you through the different possibilities of investment through to the final stages of your application. Possibilities of investment, which will guarantee a period of full residency in Portugal, include:

H & S Solicitors will follow your case throughout the application and continue to do so, once you have been granted the initial 1 year period Investor Visa. We will work to continue the further procedure of extension every 2 years.
Clients should be advised that upon receipt of the Portugal Investor Visa, they are required to stay in Portugal for a minimum of 7 days a year and may apply for the Portuguese citizenship after a period of 6 years. The visa is extendable to direct family: spouse and children. Direct family will also obtain residence permits and will later also be eligible to apply for Portuguese Citizenship. H & S Solicitors will not only follow your application from the initial stage but also that of all members of your direct family.

What happens in 5 years?

In order to apply for permanent residence, the applicant must have been legally residing in Portugal for 5 consecutive years. Until recently, only those who had held Permanent Residence for at least a year could apply for citizenship, which meant an investor would have to wait until year six to apply.
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